Saturday, August 11, 2012

Slow And Flow, That's My Tempo

I've been quite behind with my Summer this year, the plan was to visit many State and County Parks, which has not been happening. Today although, I did finally make my way to Hackelbarney State Park in Chester, NJ. Its awesome & one of my favorites! Maybe because it is almost always void of any human sounds for long periods of time or that I really just like to walk next to water but this is one of the best of NJ's State Parks. Even with the Jersey Humidity, I made my way round the Red Trail. Did I tell you it was Jersey Humid?

Would this be considered swimming?

My first bit of travel fun was driving a few miles past my turn off point, can anyone say Netcong! Second the Farm Cider Mill was closed so no Cider Donuts for this photographer, good thing I brought Fig Newtons. But that was the only bad things to happen today.
While on the trail I spied a Cooper's Hawk and a Belted King Fisher, as well as heard many bird calls in the late afternoon. Tried to chase down a Ebony Jewelwing but no luck getting a picture. Also I am assuming that it is Peak Season for Water Striders because I have never seen so many before.

I did get was some sweet water shots, well not the greatest but not bad. So without any more rambling, here is what Hacklebarney is famous for.

A little bit of runoff.
Those are some tough tree roots!
Natures Junkyard.
Trout Brook meets the Black River.

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  1. I like Hacklebarney a lot, but when I go there it always seems to be pretty crowded, more so than most places I visit. I love the hemlock groves along the Black River.