Sunday, July 29, 2012

National Moth Week, It's A Wrap!

That is it, NMW is over and done with until next year. It has been a huge success as for Citizen Science Programs go, we had 49 U.S. States, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico (North Dakota has no moths) & 28 Countries participate in events. It might even be the largest global citizen science project ever in regards to Moths. Part of this week has not only been about moths but nocturnal biodiversity. So here are a few images of insects that showed up on the sheet, for more of my moth photos click here.

First up is what looks to be a Leptoglossus occidentalis / Western Conifer Seed Bug, this was found on opening night at Elk Pine Woods in East Brunswick, NJ. Here is the Bug Guide on this species.

Also from Opening Night, Eburia quadrigeminata - Ivory-marked Beetle. This was quite a treat to photograph and was the first time I have ever seen this species. For a little info on this go to Bug Guide.

Here is a Tibicen canicularis / Dog-day Cicada from Wednesday over at Dekote Park in the Meadowlands. This was fresh out of the ground.

What I think is Vespula maculifrons / Eastern Yellowjacket stopped by Friday at Frost Woods in East Brunswick. Also had some Bald Faced & European Hornets to the sheet but I did not have enough time to photograph them all.

So that is it for now, but you have more than enough time to get ready for next year's National Moth Week. And if North Dakota is reading this, "Get with the program would ya!"


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