Monday, August 13, 2012

Babbling Bamboo Brook

I swung by Rutgers Gardens the other day to ease my want of hiking. While it was no Hackelbarney State Park, it was still a fun walk. Usually I head right off to the Pine Stand but decided to spend some time in the Bamboo Patch. While I don't know if the stream there has an actual name, I always call it Bamboo Brook.

Near the new Footbridge

It was flowing a little quicker than usual, which was quite fine with me. There was a lot of entomology activity along its shallow banks. Mud Dabbers were gathering building materials, Ebony Jewelwings fluttered around looking for mates (counted around 13) and once again many Water Striders.

Still wanting to photograph flowing water, I scouted some positions. One of the best spots in my opinion is right near the spot of the old footbridge. There is a nice slab of rock that the water flows over.

Just above a little pool

The sun was getting low and the camera was metering at around 10 sec exposures at f/11. So I was a happy camper, just right around were I like to take my slow shots. I'm thinking of doing some extra long shots soon, minutes not seconds. Any way here are a few more tight shots from slightly different angles.

Just long enough for a bit of blur

While not the slowest shot, I'm always interested in these roots. They make for a great subject and look extra awesome come Winter.

Roots with a bit of flow.

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  1. Love the photos of flowing water!

    But the 'Bamboo Patch'? it is a 'Bamboo Forest'!