Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm Pool Side & In The Pines

Today was a vernal pool check in East Brunswick. With the lack of rain, the salamander migration is a toss up. Just when the Weather Man predicts rain, it clears up. I did notice 6 egg packets along the pools edge, maybe there are more in the center. Forgot my boots today so someone else is going to have to venture to the center.

Egg Packet?
There were plenty of NJ Chorus Frogs & Spring Peepers singing! Chorus Frogs were much more vocal today then the Peepers.

Also my friend "Buck Skull" was still hanging out around the pool. Found his decomp site as well, maybe another trip soon to photograph that.

Right were I found him.

After this Vernal Pool fun, I made my way to what is called Elk Pine Woods. Never knew about this spot until I read the Friends park page. It was a nice walk, didn't find any Owl pellets, but did find one rottening & stinky Red-eared Slider. It was loaded with Carrion Beetles, both Margined & Ridged. This has been a good year for me, regarding these beetles. Anyway I had a fun & light stroll around the area, nothing nicer than a pine walk. I will be talking to Friends EBEC about maybe running a Moth Night in this area.

You're the tops

Them some pretty tall trees

A fallen friend


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