Monday, March 26, 2012

Blast From The Past

This past Saturday I did a favor for a friend, it just happened to be one of those favors that turned out not to suck. While digging up my garden, I was flooded with a call, a text messages and an email asking if I could photograph Rapper's Redux. What the hell was that? I said to myself. It was none other than The Sugarhill Gang!

"I Want My Name Back" by Roger Paradiso was showing at the Garden State Film Festival with a special performance right afterward. Legendary Hip Hop Recording Stars, Wonder Mike & Master Gee were the subject of a film regarding their legal woes trying to get the groups name back as well as lost royalties. As luck would have it I also got to see the film, it should be viewed by as many musicians as possible, maybe call the class Music Industry 101. This goes for any type of music, rock, metal, hip hop, jazz! You think they got any of that money when you bought a best of? Nope! It is pretty shocking!

As the film ended, the screen went up and the beats were dropped! I would say that it was one of my Top 10 shows. Sometimes when you see a show with a group you know from childhood it just isn't the same, but these cats still had the skills!

Wonder Mike

Master Gee


DJ T Dynasty

Rockin' It

Workin' It