Monday, August 15, 2011

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

Been a pretty slow week, so I had some extra time for adventure!
First up, my terrestrial run in with a Eastern Mud Turtle. While walking to my local park/wetlands, I stumbled upon what looked like a rock, but rocks don't move when one gets close. Didn't know what was in hand when I took some pictures. A quick flip through Audubon's Field Guide to N.A. Reptiles helped a lot. The only interesting pic was this one.

Mud Turtle Plastron
After this run in with a reptile, I got a lucky shot of a Blue Dasher, not that they are rare.There are just so many of them this year which makes them "King of the Count" around this park. I also netted a female Black Saddlebags, she seemed to like hanging out on my finger. I had to shake her off.

Dasher from Below

Just sticking around.
That wasn't the end of the fun though! Later that night I set up my UV system, it was kind of slow. Both the temp & humidity were low, around 79 degrees with 45% humidity. Did I mention it was really slow, not even Stick Bugs, Beetles or Crickets. Just gnats & midgets for most of the night. Then the humidity rose to about 60% and the major star of the night was this Hollow-spotted Plagodis.
I placed it on a new system that is being worked out, bark glued to plywood sheets, kinda getting tired of the weave of a sheet as my background. Feel free to tell me what you think.

Hollow-spotted Plagodis
Well that is it for now.


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