Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Welcome To The Sorrel Land

While I'm always ready to explore my Middlesex County there are a few exceptions to this. One of these is the Sourland Mountain Preserve, located in Somerset County. Click the link for details on this place and here for a park map.

Devil's Half Acre
I put in a good 7 hours walking the trails & photographing & haven't done that in a long time! It is kind of nice to feel like you are lost in one of the most populated states. Outside of the parking lot I did not run into one person on the trails, could here them but no sightings.

It is going to slide any minute
The air was filled with the song of Wood Thrush and at times if was not only beautifully deafening but caused some light insanity for me. Nothing worse than being unable to find a rhythm in noise. Only bringing Entomology & Botany setups for my cameras, I was unable to get any decent bird images. I did find Showy Orchis & Jack-In-The-Pulpit, it might have been the most Arisaema triphyllum that this photographer has ever seen.

Showy Orchis / Galearis spectabilis
I did have some interesting suprises, like a Narceus americanus, a stone wall and some unknown plant that was popping up everywhere.

Narceus americanus
Corner Stone
American cancer-root / Conopholis americana


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