Sunday, April 22, 2012

Not So Plainsboro

Yesterday I made my way down Rt.130 to the Plainsboro Preserve. This is a regular stop for me, when I'm off looking for insects and things to photograph.

Standing on the White Trail

The end of Maggie's Trail overlooking Lake McCormack

There were a large number of Tree Swallow preforming in the sky above, but this one was a bit of a home body. Even the Tiger Beetles let me get closer than usual.

The best part of the day was dodging dragonflies that were zipping all over the trails. Very few were sitting still but this young Common Green Darner took a break for a bit.

Look for the Bullseye
When not ducking for cover,  my eye was on the look out for Castor canadensis. No luck actually seeing one but I think there is one about. Oh well,  I'll just spend more time in EB stalking the Logger.


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