Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Wait Is Over!

For the last few months this photographer has been going crazy. My work mostly consists of field photos, mostly insects. That is now over (hopefully), the weather is warming up, the salamanders are to start their migration soon and I got my first field photo of a moth. Hurray for me!
While out today at Beekman Rd in East Brunswick, NJ looking for signs of Spotted Salamander Migration in the Vernal Pool (this one was actually a Autumnal Pool) a bold Micro Moth landed on my hand. It appeared to taste my glove looking for a food source, but all it got was a portrait session.

Hello, There!
I also lucked out and found another of my favorite things in the woods, skulls. This is actually a rare find for me, usually my finds are Doe skulls. Buck skulls seam to be far and few in between around here. This marks my first find in NJ. Looks like it was there for a bit, going back to get it in a few days.

Anyway today was a good day.


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