Thursday, January 26, 2012

Updates & A Little WTF

This Wednesday I filed a complaint with the South River Police regarding my interactions with the help of the NJ ACLU. More on that in a few days. What I'm writing about today doesn't really shocks me but kind of puts me into some confusion. Over the last few days I've received some pretty cool comments and connected to some cool & interesting people.

What is kind of confusing is, while most of the photographers I know, understand and sympathize as well as been through the same situations. I was a little put off by this one comment on you tube. I feel if you want to give up your rights go right ahead, but don't go right to the "If you got nothing to hide" crap. I have a right not to be harassed, the right not to be threatened, the right to privacy from government intrusion and the right to be left alone. It is a little worry some that a fellow photographer left that comment & is ok with being Stopped & ID'ed.
Hey pal, I don't know anyone who makes their living as photographer isn't proud of that, what I think you missed is, it being used to treat you like criminal! As for the other one, post 9/11 bs is reason to violate my rights? They hate us for our freedom but don't worry, not for much longer. Screw you, buddy!

If you read this and want to respond to him, go ahead, I'm just going to ignore.  Got a feeling he is either a Statist or might be trollin', so don't feed him.


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