Friday, January 20, 2012

Infernal Affairs or GBIB Part Three

This Wednesday I was approached by Lt. Boldizar of the SRPD regarding my Friday run-in. He was quite cordial & not a prick like some of his co-workers. Apparently someone made an anonymous call about my complaint, no idea if that is true but feel free to watch the action. Wonder if they listened in on their own mics? Which would be a case of CYA. This time the A620 got fired up right away, no mistakes this time. My favorite part is "privacy issues on a public street", thought the courts solved that issue but maybe I was wrong. Anyway I'll be in with my legal representative soon. My research shows that complaints & the out come are public record.

I just like to thank everyone that left a message, comment or an email on these issues. And thanks to who ever posted a link on I'm getting mad hits & so you know, not one negative one to date. Once something gets going I'll leave responses, don't want to blow my plans by posting just yet. Now back to my paperwork, peace and watch this. Like it & share it!


  1. Yes it has been settled. There is no expectation of privacy on a public street. That cop is trying to blow smoke up your ass.

  2. this officer claims that complaints were called in against you. that would be a matter of public record I believe.Make a Opra Request. If they were it would not matter. they had a duty to protect your right to walk down the street unmolested if you had not broken any law, were not breaking any law or were not going to break a law.. Even if people thought you were suspicion without a reasonable articulable suspicion that you were committing a crime. The officers had no authority to detain you. without that, it becomes a case of assault battery they used the color of law to threaten you with arrest for choosing not to give your name.That is a federal crime. I am not a lawyer and I am not giving legal advice. Get a lawyer call the FBI and Call the attorney General and ask them to investigate. I make no claim to know what I am talking about here. get a lawyer.