Monday, November 14, 2011

Yo, Represent!

There are times that the term" Jersey Shore" gives me the shivers but I'm a true Son of the State and quite proud of going down the shore. This weekend my travels took me to Sandy Hook and Red Bank, NJ. Here's what the real Jersey Shore looks like and I'm glad you went home ya frickin' Bennys!

View ruined by Brooklyn

Stay off my dunes, Benny!

Visitor Center

After my life sighting of Snow Buntings in a mixed flock with Horned Larks. I headed to the land of Monster Magnet to meet up with an old friend from RIT. Don't tell anyone but she's sort of a Benny but she was one of the few who kept me sane in Rochester so I forgive her for that transgression. Anyway here some sweet real estate on the Navesink.

What do you think it costs to live there?

or there?
So the next time you hear "Jersey Shore" think of this post, not some greasy orange idiots from NY.


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