Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moth'ers Delight & Big Jup

For those who do not know, next July 23-29, 2012 will be the First National Moth Week. Hopefully people across the country will set up a light and sheet to explore some night time nature. Be forewarned once you do it is very addictive. So check out the site, start a moth group in your area and sign up. You might even see some familiar photos in the header. Here is a little taste.

Macro & Micro Moths
On a different note, last night Jupiter was visible. So once again I tried my hand at Astrophotography. Not that great but I'm getting there. This image is a comp one exposure for the Moon and one for Jupiter. Moon exposure was 1/125 @ f11 and Jupiter was 3sec @ f11. I tried the 600 / lens length @ wide open but was getting to much flare from the moon so I went back to what I know.


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