Sunday, May 8, 2011

Back To The Good Ol' Days!

While 90% of my business is based on scientific imaging, I got my start as a commercial photographer shooting bands. That has been on the back burner for a long time.  A few weeks ago, my friend Lauren C. who also has modeled for me, mentioned at our last shoot that her cousin has a band. When she said "Rockabilly" I was very interested and on Friday I made my return to the scene.

Roxy & Dukes over in Dunellen, NJ has got one swinging scene, Man!
They have one wild stage, with a decent light system, good enough for hand held shots. The kicker is the footlights. It was a double bill with Wicked Whiskey / Dr Void & The Death Machines. Both band rock the house, what can I say, Rockabilly!!!

Wicked Whiskey

Check out them Footlights!


Dr. Void & The Death Machines

Dr. Void

All The Death Machines

So get out there people support local the scene, take a visit to Dunellen and check out these bands. If you see a Hooligan with a camera at your next show it might just be me. I like PRB just so you know.


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