Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today I got to spend some time at Howling Woods Farms. Normally I'm a cat person but this photog has a soft spot for big dogs. I had a great time and encourage anyone to take a visit as well as make a donation! How often does one get to run around with a alpha predator?

From Howling Woods site,
Wolf dogs are poor watchdogs!  
They don't bark and tend to be fearful of strangers. Wolfdogs consider you to be the Alpha wolf of the pack - you are the leader. As far as they are concerned, it's YOUR job to protect them.
After interacting with these dogs, I would say it was true. They are all big pussy cats and quite lovable. For anyone that always wanted a wolf, this is the place that they end up. One can not treat a wolf like a house dog, they can't eat kibble and they need a very high protein diet. Bones and Raw Food, better known as the BARF diet. Anyway here are some pics.

Double the trouble

That's how real life rolls!

Urban wolves hunt chip bags.

Top Dog

Oh, and here is the true top dog having some fun! I like fig newtons just as much as alpha leader Bandit.


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